Littlewags Dog Training Classes

   Puppy classes

The 6 week puppy socialisation course for puppies up to 18 weeks is all about teaching the owner how to train and care for their puppy and how to understand why their puppy behaves the way he does; which will help prevent behaviour problems in the future.  


In this puppy socialisation class you and your puppy         will learn;

All about puppy social skills and how to understand canine body language

Toilet training and dealing with inappropriate greeting.

How to handle your puppy and deal with mouthing and nipping.

How to deal with chewing, barking and other typical puppy behaviours!

Obedience training including, sit, look (give me attention), recall to owner, how to walk nicely on a loose lead, leave it (teach puppy not to eat socks, underwear, new shoes!), stay and more.

 (Also available as a 4 week private puppy course)


    Older Puppy and Adult Dog Classes

     In the obedience class for older puppies and adult dog course you and your dog will learn;

Recall to you when called and how to walk nicely on a loose lead.

How to do do basic training such as sit, down, stay, into bed and more

Leave it exercises (for the chewers and bin lovers!)

How to deal with problem behaviours such as jumping, digging, chewing and barking.

Social skills with other dogs and people, how to understand canine body language as well as surviving the adolescent stage!

(Also available as one to one training lessons)


      The Benefits Of Attending LittleWags Dog Training Classes

  • Classes are suitable for  puppies from 12 weeks once vaccinatied and older puppies from 18 weeks and adult dogs of any ages.  You can teach an old dog new tricks!
  • Classes are run by a trainer who is a professional member of APDT; the association of pet dog trainers Ireland and the COAPE association of pet behaviourists and trainers UK.
  • Classes will be small to give individual attention. Generally no more than 6 dogs.
  • Classes are based on motivational reward based training and will help create a strong bond between dog and owner!
  • Full Course notes are provided on all training given.
  • Dogs will receive a certificate of attendance when the six-week course is completed!
  • All the family are welcome to attend the classes. In fact children often make the best trainers!
  • Classes are run by a qualified, insured and registered trainer.


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